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A Little About Me

I’m Liz Pelissier, the owner of Sound-Career Services.

My goal is to have your work work for you. 

Work affects your wellbeing, in so many ways!

Think about it-  your social/work relationships, how much money you earn, your lifestyle, the meaning your work provides, whether it reflects your values, and fits or doesn’t with who you are-all of it is connected to your work!

Individual Services

I work with young adults entering the workforce and those seeking a career change.

My clients come from a broad range of backgrounds:  health care, the financial industry, sales, secondary and higher education, advertising, municipalities, retail, human services, manufacturing, etc.  Some are at entry levels while others are senior managers and CEO’s.  Some are secondary education students, and some are in higher education, in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

My professional expertise as a licensed clinical social worker and a career counselor helps me understand the many factors that influence personal and career satisfaction.  

Learning about your natural aptitudes increases the chance for satisfaction.

It’s time and money well spent!

Matt T.

Thank you Liz Pelissier! I appreciate your introduction to the Highlands Ability Battery assessment and walking me through all of my results. Liz is organized, detail-oriented and passionate about what she does! Highly recommend!

Denise C.

The Highlands Ability Battery test has been an extremely valuable tool, not only in helping me assess my natural strengths, but in guiding me toward a meaningful midlife career change.

Organizational Services

I provide informative and engaging workshops on mental health and wellbeing for organizations, educational institutions, and community groups..  I use the Highlands Ability Battery to help participants understand and improve team interactions.  Additionally, the HAB is used as a professional development tool.  It provides information about leadership aptitudes and styles.   

Participants feel valued, more energized, and more committed.

It’s time and money well spent!

Lori N. - Executive Director, Seabird Enterprises

The employment counseling services Liz Pelissier provided to our non-profit organization helped our employees become successful team players.   Her welcoming and warm style was particularly useful in addressing some challenging employee issues. Our organization will continue to consult with Liz.

Dennis Strandson, LPC - Corporate Trainer

Liz’s masterful public speaking style is warm, engaging, informative and transformational.

I took the Highlands ability battery test with Liz when I was going through some dark times in trying to figure out my career. The testing was an interesting experience and Liz was so awesome in helping me understand what I am capable of and was able to break down what comes naturally to me.

Brandon C.

I am so happy that I took the Highlands Ability Battery with Liz. I reached out to Liz when I was feeling unhappy with a recent decision to change jobs. She took the time to really understand my situation. When we discussed my results, she validated what I was feeling and really helped me understand how I learn and work best. Were it not for her clear, objective insights and encouraging advice about what to do next, I would not have had the confidence I needed to make a job change. I really could not be happier with my experience -- I HIGHLY recommend working with Liz if you're feeling confused or unsure about your job/career. Thanks Liz!

Tricia H.

My son took the Highlands Ability Battery test with Liz. Liz took the time to walk both of us through the results and helped him to identify areas in which he would have great success.   We both found it so intriguing.

Teresa S.

Liz helped me successfully change careers, in midlife. Her support and problem solving abilities have helped me change the way I think and behave.

Jo Ann C.

I was so lucky to meet Liz. I knew I wanted to make a change, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.   At Liz's suggestion, I took the Highlands Ability Battery and realized that there are so many jobs that would be a good fit for me beyond what I am doing now.  Liz has also guided me in life issues with her compassion, knowledge and expertise which has helped me greatly in both my personal and professional life.

Dorrie R.

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